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At Green Action Studio (GAS), our team owns the distributed software that provides megawatts of energy to thousands of electric vehicle (EV) drivers across the United States daily. We're hyper-focused on creating a green transportation future and are looking for interns who feel the same way.

As a software team member with GAS, you will get hands-on experience with some of the most cutting-edge software patterns, including building scalable event-driven systems. From planning to deploying cloud resources, you will come up close and personal with all stages of software development. As you rapidly evolve your skillset, you will tackle real-world challenges individually and as a team.

During my time as an intern at Green Action Studio, I obtained first-hand experience in designing and implementing scalable, modular production software. I learned many different practical skills in software engineering, such as how to plan and architect a system, testing, writing maintainable code, UX design, and more. The knowledge I gained at GAS has made me a better problem solver and more able to pursue my passion for programming.

Jackson Ludwig
Jackson Ludwig
Stony Brook University

My internship at Green Action Studio provided me with valuable industry experience working with event-driven architecture. The thing that impressed me the most is how fast and agile we were when it came to decision making on what technologies best fit. It was my true honor to work with such talented colleagues.

Honghao Li
Honghao Li
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Meet our leadership

  • Nick Bordeau

    Director of Software Engineering

    Nick has been in software for the last decade and is passionate about EV Charging (being a Tesla driver himself). He specializes in developing high-performing teams and mentoring those around him to be their best version. When he's not in the office, he is on a sports field or playing in the backyard with his dog, Boris.

  • Ethan Stone

    Software Team Lead, Internal Tools

    Ethan is a tinkerer who is constantly perfecting his craft. He is always trying to find ways for systems to work more efficiently. When he's not wielding a keyboard, he's an avid basketball fan (go Bucks!) and a growing amateur chef.

  • Ran Guo

    Software Team Lead, Hardware Communication

    Ran started as an intern with GAS and has not stopped growing since. He strives to understand complex topics on a deeper level and then help his team do the same. When he's not at work, he's at home with his wife and daughter being the best dad he can be.

  • Abhishek Shandilya

    Software Team Lead, Partner Integrations

    A software generalist who loves web development, Bitcoin and electric vehicles. You can find Abhi reading books, swimming, hiking or playing basketball when he's away from his laptop.

The Internship Process


General Coding Assessment

A 60-minute coding assessment that verifies you understand JavaScript basics. The evaluation includes coding and long-form questions.

Technical Interview

A 60-minute meet and greet with one of our team leads. Together you will dive into your long-form answers on the call and complete a simple coding challenge.

Culture Meet and Greet

A 30-minute meet and greet with the technical recruiting team and the Director of Software Engineering discussing the work culture at GAS.

Internship Offer

You've made it! You received an internship offer letter and resources to help make your onboarding seamless.

We are currently not accepting internship applications at this time. Please be on the lookout for our next hiring hackathon in Summer 2023.

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